From a young age Russia, aka Queen Russia, had a passion and gift for design. Born  and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana, the runway called her and she came running  never to turn back. With her savvy chic eye for fashion and style, she moved to  Los Angeles where the red carpet welcomed her. Queen Russia provides clothing for  women to feel confident, unique, and stylish with exclusive handmade pieces using the  best sewing techniques and high quality material.  

"I always wanted to be a household name but WOW, to have my work appreciated and  beloved by celebrities, stylist, and other designers is a very humbling experience. Just  having the gift of expressing of one's self, thoughts, individualism, sexuality, and  vulnerability through fashion is a gift that I will always treasure for the rest of my life and  with God's blessings. I am a African American fashion designer, for my brand ALL skin  tones, ethnicities, as well as all sizes to celebrated in my brand.   

No matter your size or shape, your clothes should always be comfortable, fitted,  flattering and classy. The Queen Russia brand prides itself on amplifying these  important attributes. With fresh ideas and unique uses of a creative imagination,  anything is possible when you’re wearing Queen Russia. Queen Russia specialize in  making all women feel confident because inside every woman there is a Queen.